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Our services: Individual parts, small and large series – surface finishing and heat treatment included

Our range of services includes the machining of individual parts, as well as small and large series. Our production programme includes over 3000 different parts, and we deliver a total quantity exceeding two million parts per year to our customers.

In addition to turning, milling and grinding the parts, we can also mark and assemble components. For heat treatment and surface finishing, we work alongside business partners who have many years of experience.

We machine all and any machinable materials. These include steel, non-ferrous and precious metal alloys, as well as plastics. Machining is carried out with the utmost precision using state-of-the-art CNC machines that allow tolerances in the range of 5 µm. We can carry out grinding work with an accuracy of 2 µm. Parts are permanently marked via laser engraving or with the help of CNC milling.

All quality-relevant parameters are carefully checked and documented. This allows us to meet our quality standards and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.