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Hettig German Precision – used worldwide across all industries

Hettig German Precision – used worldwide across all industries

Our highly precise machine parts are highly regarded globally across a wide range of industries. Precision parts from Hettig German Precision are used particularly where tight tolerances are crucial to ensure the function and safety of machines and equipment.

A large part of our customer base is involved with medical technology. Our company’s hollow needles are often found in syringes and used for tattoos. Dentistry uses our precision connectors for its tools.

In plant engineering, you will find high-quality precision parts from our production in hydraulic units and in fittings. The focus here is on safety valves, whose function has a significant impact on the overall system. Our safety valves are also used in mining broaching shields.

In the field of sensor technology, we supply knurled nuts, sleeves and housings for measurement and control technology.

Parts in industrial robots, high-quality clamping devices for drilling printed circuit boards and tools for tube production made by our Production department work just as reliably as our products for lighting and information technology, as well as for the automotive industry.