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The finishing touches: Grinding and polishing

Grinding is often used for finishing machine parts with narrow dimensional tolerances. In addition, defined surface roughnesses are created with this process. A further reduction in roughness is achieved by polishing.

We have machines manufactured by Tschudin, Tripet and Kellenberger, and this enables us to carry out high-precision grinding work both on external surfaces and inside bores. We can achieve an accuracy of 2 µm.

Our CNC machines for external grinding are designed for workpieces with a diameter of up to 320 mm and a length of up to 1000 mm. Internal grinding is carried out in CNC machines for bore diameters between 4 and 130 mm and bore depths up to 140 mm. These machines are equipped with high-speed spindles.

We use our conventional grinding machines for single parts and small series. Workpieces with internal diameters of 3 to 20 mm and external diameters of 2 to 200 mm can be machined on it.

We also have machines for centreless grinding and for vibratory grinding of small parts (drum goods).