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Marking by laser inscription and engraving

We mark your machine parts permanently, clearly and legibly. We usually use our laser engraving equipment for this purpose. In some cases, we mill lettering, key figures or company logos into the surfaces. We can make marks in almost any font size. The maximum size for the text blocks is 160 x 160 mm.

Marking is required to allocate parts to series, for production traceability and for material verification. This data can be particularly important in connection with product liability and the warranty period. If required, we will provide your machine parts with performance data and safety marks that comply with the relevant legal requirements.

Safety-relevant machine parts must be permanently marked with the material number as per DIN and the batch used. This ensures traceability back to the manufacturer of the material. Our system for transferring markings to the materials is included in our quality assurance process. For this purpose, we have concluded a restamping agreement with TÜV Rheinland.