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Our service for multi-part orders: complete assemblies

Our offer includes combining individual parts into assemblies. We decided to offer this service since many customers ordered several machine parts that belonged together and requested assembly. We usually use screws to construct the assemblies. If required, we also join parts together by welding, soldering and brazing. We outsource work that we do not carry out ourselves to carefully selected external companies. This particularly applies to heat treatment and surface finishing.

Following assembly, the necessary functional tests are carried out and the test results are appropriately documented. For example, in many cases a leak test is required. For assemblies with increased safety requirements, validation is carried out in the accredited test laboratory in coordination with the customer.

As such, we are able to supply you with complete ready-to-install assemblies. This saves you the effort of managing outsourced operations. Customers who use this service include manufacturers of medical technology, for example.