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Hettig German Precision – turning, milling and grinding with the greatest precision

We manufacture precision components with tolerances down to 5 µm based on your needs and requirements. Our modern and well-equipped machinery allows us to accurately machine all machinable materials. We would be delighted to work with you to develop components whose function and resilience meet all practical requirements.

Company premises in Solingen
Company premises in Solingen

When the company was founded in December 1975 under the name “Hettig & Stracke”, we focussed on manufacturing complete needle inspection microscopes. These microscopes reached a magnification of 120 times and were used to test needles for pick-ups on record players. These devices were distributed worldwide by working together with DUAL, a company based in the Black Forest.

Nowadays, we supply over 350 corporate customers in Germany, the USA, Canada and Europe with high-quality machine parts. Our customers work in a wide range of industries. Many years of experience, flexibility and a pronounced awareness of quality mean that our customers rely on our services time and again.

Contact us if you want to benefit from quality and on-time deliveries of your machine parts, as well as personal support from our competent team.

Our quality management is certified as per ISO 9001:2015.