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Latest news

Here you will always find the latest information about our company and news from the industry.


Launch of BABTEC Q

After an extensive planning and preparation period, BabtecQ was introduced in 2019. BabtecQ is a fully integrated software solution where all relevant quality data associated with individual processes are entered. As a result, all the relevant information can be processed between FMEA, inspection planning, audit, complaint and action management, as well as recording supplier evaluation and goods receipt data. With the information gained from this, all processes are continuously optimised and knowledge is shared throughout the company. We expect this to result in our manufactured parts being of even higher quality.


QA expansion

Furthermore, our QA department was relocated to a larger space this year, equipped with additional state-of-the-art measuring equipment, and we have added a further three excellent specialists to our team.


Optimal lighting

Lighting is an important criterion in the workplace, which is why we also optimised all our lighting in Production in 2019 with the help of Deutsche Lichtmiete. The result has not only been worthwhile for employees, but it has also had a very positive outcome for the environment and our costs, as you can see from the certificate.