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Parts finishing for protection and design

Parts finishing for protection and design

Surfaces are usually finished to offer protection against corrosion. In some cases, it is also used as a design tool to create special effects. To carry out this work, we rely on a small yet reliable team of suppliers. Our long-standing partnership gives us and you the security that the required work will be carried out to a high standard and that risks will be minimised.

Some surface finishing processes require careful pre-treatment. If required, we blast the surfaces with sand, glass beads or steel balls before coating. By blasting the surfaces of stainless steel parts, we create a fine texture that is the desired end result in many applications.

The corrosion protection is created either by galvanic coating or by colouring. Depending on the customer’s wishes, we have the surfaces chrome-plated, galvanised, nickel-plated or coated with precious metals. Colouring is done by powder coating or painting.

We can also supply you with machine parts that we have treated by burnishing or anodising.